Get e-mail, sms or Twitter reminders to put the bin out.


An Elephant Never Forgets

Now you don't need to either. can send you reminders the day before and the morning of your bin collections to remind you. We will include the bin description so you know which bin to put out as well.

Why use

Our bin schedules are getting more and more complicated with special bins for recycling. A simple mistake such as putting the wrong bin out can result in a months worth of rubbish piling up and overflowing your bin.

That's exactly why I built, because I'm rubbish at remembering to put the bin out!

With you can receive free notifications by email, Twitter or sms txt messages the day before and the morning of bin collection day - never forget to put your bin out again!

You can set your bin collections to re-occur weekly, fortnightly or monthly to match your bin collection schedule. will automatically update when that bin is due to be collected.

Get Started Now, for Free!

Theirs no need to create an account and it really is totally free to use!
Signin in with your FaceBook, Twitter or OpenId profile - no special username and password to remember.
Set-up your bin collections.
Set-up how you wish to be notified. Thats it. Simple! Now let us send you the reminder when bin day approaches.
Sorry but you still have to put the bin out your self, we can't help with that bit.

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